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Beautiful Example of a Premier 1A. Ready to work for you.


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Price $18,000
Type New Jet

Features Description


Total Time 800 Airframe Notes 800 Flight Hours Since New Jet Stream Paid Through July 7th, 2024 and 961 Hours Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS) 300lb Baggage Capacity Gold Windows

Engine Program

Engine Maintenance Program TAP Blue

Engine 1

Engine 1 Notes Williams International FJ33 1846lb Thrust Rating Full FADEC Control TAP Blue Program Through JetStream Concierge 800 Hours Since New


Elite Package to Include:
Cirrus Perspective Touch+ Avionics by Garmin:
14” High Resolution Displays
3 Landscape Garmin Touch Screen Controllers
PFD/MFD Multi-Function Windows
All-Digital Audio Panel
Dual WAAS GPS/Comm/Nav Radios
Complete Aircraft Systems Synoptics
CMC – Enhanced Data Logging
Dual AHRS, ADC, & Pitot Static Systems
NextGen Transponder (ADSB-In & Out)
Synthetic Vision Technology
Flight Charts & SafeTaxi
XM Weather & Audio
Electronic Stability & Protection (ESP)
3-Axis All-Digital Autopilot with Blue Level Button

Enhanced Awareness Package:
Digital Real Time Garmin Weather Radar
Enhanced Vision System (EVS Camera)
Garmin Surface Watch
ChartView Electronic Charts

Pro Pilot Package:
Traffic Collision Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS-1)
Terrain Awareness System (TAWS-B)
Additional AHRS & Air Data Computer
Additional Digital Diversity Transponder
Co-Pilot Quick-Don Oxygen System
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Productivity & Experience Package:
22″ Entertainment Display
Power Station with HDMI & USB Power
Multi-Zone Climate Controls

Premium Luxury Package:
Premium Leather Interior
Executive Seating Configuration with Center Console
6th & 7th XC Seats
Enhanced Dimmable Interior Lighting

Connectivity Package:
Perspective Global Connect
Iridium Text Messaging and Phone Calls
Worldwide Iridium Datalink Weather


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Morshedul Arefin
18 May, 2024

Speechless and very good.

Samin Shikder
17 Jul, 2021

The security is a pleasure.

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